Self-Published Books

Publication Year: 2009

Discover the fascinating kingdom of Kush, based in what is now the Sudan, via 20 fun-filled interactive pages.

Retail Price: £4.99
Publication Year: 2011

Everyone has heard of ancient Egypt, but where did the first Egyptians come from, and why?

Retail Price: £6.99
Publication Year: 2013

Trace 6,000 years of world history through a simple, everyday object, the Afro comb. From pre-dynastic ancient Egypt to the iconic ‘Black Fist’ comb of the 1970s, readers come to understand these objects as status symbols and religious objects as well as tools for grooming natural African hair.

Retail Price: £9.99
The Story of the Windrush
Publication Year: 2018

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Can I get copies of your earlier (self-published) books?

There are limited quantities available from a few retailers.

In the UK and Eire, please visit BookLove at You can also try Book and Kulture

In the USA, please try The Listening Tree, Atlanta, Georgia